Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zau the band - Lorri

Band: Zau the band
Song: Lorri
Music: Farhan Albert
Composition: Zau the band/Farhan Albert
Guitars/Bass: Salman Albert
Drums/keyboards: Farhan Albert
Video director: Asad Butt
Post: Creative Mindset
Make up & styling: Saqib Ali Jaffery
Lead role (father): Masood Akhtar
Lead role (Son, child): Amaan Farhan
Lead role (Son, grown up): Saad Arshad
Video production: Creative Village
Audio production: Albert Studios
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Nabeel Shaukat Ali - OST Qudrat

This is the original sound track of drama serial “Qudrat” on Ary Digital sung by the winner of SurKshetra and the singer of hit osts of darmiyan, shukk, zindagi tere bina, do qadam door thay etc. “Nabeel Shaukat” and composed by Waqar Ali.

Artist: Nabeel Shaukat Ali
Song: Qudrat
OST: Qudrat
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Amanat Ali Ft. Maria Meer - Naina Lagay

Amanat Ali’s new song “Naina Lagay” featuring with the rejected contestant of Pakistan Idol, Maria Meer is here.

Watch below the full music video of the song “Naina Lagay”:
Amanat Ali ft. Maria Meer
Song: Naina Lagay
Music: Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi
Mix n Master: Afzal Hussain
Dir: Jovi
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Zoraiz Riaz - Dil Ko Tum Ne (Albert Studios Compilation Album 1)

Here is the full official video of Albert Studio’s 7th release from “Albert Studios Compilation Album 1
Zoraiz Riaz Syed belongs to the city of Lahore. He started music when he was too young but with the passage of time his musical talent got polished and matured, soon he thoughtfully jumped into composing music and writing lyrics himself along with singing.
Zoraiz in collaboration with Shiraz Uppal, launched his first single named Janay Anjanay featuring MAHNOOR KHAN in the video, from BOL THE MOVIE .
His voice and music skills have inspired a lot of serious music listeners. Zoraiz is inspired by the artists like John Mayer, Daughtry and Nickleback. He is planning to record an album and release it with an international record label and as far as his studies are concerned, his aim is to do PhD in Economics.
Artist: Zoraiz Riaz
Song: Dil ko tum ne
Music: Farhan Albert
Composition/Lyrics: Zoraiz Riaz
Guitars/Bass: Salman Albert
Drums/Keyboards: Farhan Albert
Director: Zoraiz Riaz
D.O.P: Zoraiz Riaz/Salman Riaz
Lead role male: Murtaza Ali
Lead role female: Sheher Bano
Post: ZRS Productions
Video production: Creative Village
Audio Production: Albert Studios

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Faiza Mujahid - Uth Oye

The Uth Oye has been created with the impulse to encourage positive sentiments that can be identified as central to healing, flourishing and the well being of oneself. When composing the song, lyricist Haider Hashmi and singer Faiza Mujahid were very keen on invoking a sense of resilience and optimism with emotional force.

The video, directed by Fatima Shah, builds on the themes of the song attempts to reflect the fearlessness required to create and inspire meaning in one’s life by showcasing three narratives struggling, if not leading, women in our society. The video reveals multiple psychological dimensions in the face of distress and establishes a connection between the present moments and the motivating resolve of each personality.

Farah Deeba, a mere 26 year old, decided to delicate her life to supporting underprivileged children and adolescents with infrastructures and means to receive wholesome education. With meager beginnings at the age of 20 and few students, she is now administering a large educational institute Alam Bibi Welfare in an independent initiative.

Sabira Sultana is a burn victim who preserved in traumatic circumstances and is now the patient coordinator at the Depilex Smileagain Foundation dedicated to rehabilitate burn victims. A source of inspiration for many women and activated the process of healing and reconciliation for many more.

As the capacities of individuals to create and inspire meaning triggers emotional and psychological responses, the video also presents the strength of women in number via a vis Pakistan’s women’s hockey team. With little or no financial aid and the stigma of women in sports, these young women defy the influential mechanisms of the media as well as hegemonic masculinity by using the power of sport as a transformative tool.

Each of these narratives triggered an emotional and psychological response from the team of Uth Oye that spiraled a series of queries into what consists an enriched human experience and the necessity to be more receptive to one’s community as well as society at large in order to sustain optimism and well being. Video is going to be released in the first week of January so stay tuned.

Artist: Faiza Mujahid
Song: Uth Oye
Director: Fatima Shah
Edit and Post: Tabish Habib
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Sibti & Spoonful - Badnaam

Artists: Sibti & Spoonful
Song: Badnaam
Members: Mohammad Sibtain Fazli (sibti), Hamad Khan, Jasir Abro, Ali Haider Habib, Aziz Kazi

When the forces of the north wind rose high across the peaks, The lone traveller Sibti, found respite and longterm refuge in the grasslands of the Spoons..

It was a kind of magical beginnings and that resulted in their first earth shaking endeavour they ever endeavoured. It was then that they knew that they had created a creation of gargantuan proportions.

What resulted was, later for the ages, known to be the greatest musical alliance to have ever been aligned together forevermore.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Faraz Anwar - When the Children Cry (White Lion Cover)

Artist: Faraz Anwar
Song: When the Children Cry
Original track by White Lion.

Faraz Anwar covered White Lion’s song When the Children Cry, and raised his voice against the killing of innocent children and Social and political injustice.

Sandaraa - Haatera Taiyga

Band: Sandaraa
Song: Haatera Taiyga
Video by: Magdalena Hutter (
Officially Web:

Sandaraa is a new band from Lahore, Pakistan and Brooklyn, New York. The group is fronted by vocalist Zeb Bangash (Zeb and Haniya) and features Brooklyn musicians Michael Winograd on clarinet, Eylem Basaldi on violin, Patrick Farrell on accordion, Yoshie Fruchter on guitar, Benjy Fox-Rosen on bass and drummer Richie Barshay. Sandaraa explores a vast repertoire of South Asian material (from Balochistan, Afghanistan and beyond,) while blending it with the sounds of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and more. The group was founded in the fall of 2013, with the help of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, and the MAP fund.

Sandaraa: Zeb Bangash, Michael Winograd, Eylem Basaldi, Patrick Farrell, Yoshie Fruchter, Benjy Fox-Rosen, Richie Barshay

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears - Nadiya

Artists: Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears
Song: Nadiya – Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears – Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears
Featuring: Kanwal Eshai, Ghanim Sial, Sameer Ahmad, Zain Ahsan and Raavail Sattar.
Director: Fatima Shah
D.O.P: Humza Yusaf
Post/Edit: Tabish Habib
Producer: Zain Ahsan
Recorded and Mixed by: Mekaal Hasan at Digital Infidelity Studio

Popular musician Jimmy Khan, who first made his debut with ‘Pehla Pyar’ in 2011 and ‘Aisay Kaisay’ the following year, introduces a new avatar with Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears – a collaborative title and a brand new sound with ‘Nadiya’ as the first single from the album, releasing nationwide on 01st January 2014.

Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears include Jimmy Khan himself (Vocals/Guitars), Zain Ahsan (Ukulele/Producer), Sameer Ahmed (Bass) and Raavail Sattar (Percussions). Nadiya has been composed, written and sung by Jimmy himself and produced by Zain Ahsan with Sameer Ahmed on bass and Raavail Sattar on percussions. Nadiya is the first single from the untitled album and the song draws inspiration from 50′s/60′s film music, redone using folk instruments, it simply speaks of love loss.

Speaking about the release of Nadiya, Jimmy Khan has said, “As I continue my journey to discover my sound, with Jimmy Khan & the Big Ears, I’d have to say I’m the closest to where I want to be. I think Nadiya is a song I had written in my head years before actually penning it down and to me it serves as an immediate reminder of classic film music; Nadiya is for all who miss the simplicity in song writing and music and this new collaborative sound would not have been possible without the incredibly seasoned and talented Big Ears including Zain Ahsan, Raavail Sattar & Sameer Ahmed.”

A Lahore based artist, Jimmy has been an amateur performer since the age of 13 and has been a definitive part of the Lahore underground music scene 2005. During the early years he was part of the aptly titled ‘Cover Band’ which on numerous occasions has been known to feature music maestros like Mekaal Hassan, Louis J. Pinto (Gumby), Farhan Albert, Waqar Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt to name a few. He is also a resident performer at Lahore’s popular restaurant Gunsmoke. Few of his most talked about performances are Jimmy Khan Live at Cosa Nostra, The Beatles Tribute at LGS, Annual Ball at Tetra Pak Pakistan, Levis Red Tab Gig at the Lahore Alhamra Auditorium and US Consulate private shows.

Asim Azhar - Hands In The Air

Artist: Asim Azhar
Song: Hands in the air
Music: Shani Haider
Director: Aslam Sanghaar
D.O.P: Rana Kamran
Edit: Sohail Ansari
Post: Post House
Kazman Productions
Presented by: Elixir Events and Productions
Watch Asim Azhar's new single 'Hands In The Air' with its music video.
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Arslan Baig - Yeh Pyaar

Artist: Arslan Baig
Song: Yeh Pyaar
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Written and Composed by Arslan baig
Music by : Hammad
Produced by : Sheraz Ahmed ( Pics & Clips)
Direction & Editing: Ful Miah ( Electrifying Entertainment )
DOP: Sheraz Ahmed
Post Production: Pics & Clips
Make Up Artist: Chandni MUA

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+44 7446191743 Manager Ali Malik Or Email:

Khawar Jawad and Zainster - Sarkar

Khawar jawad & Zainster
Dir-dp-edit Adeel Andy
Post Blue Tie Studio
Tripod Pakistan Production
khawar jawad studio

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