Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Talhah Yunus - International Bhikari

Artist: Talhah Yunus (Ex-Rapper of Young Stunners)
Song: International Bhikari
Artist: Talhah Yunus
Music Composer: Umair Khan
Director: Irfan Ahmed
Post: Kamran Imtiaz
Recorded at Heavy Mental Studio

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Heavy Mental Studio: https://www.facebook.com/HeavyMentalStudioHMS

Topi Drama - Gawahi Dou

Band: Topi Drama
Vocals and Guitars: Arafat Mazhar
Vocals: Sohail Qureshi
 Bass: Farhan Ali
Drums: Kenny
Audio Production: The wonderful people at True Brew Records Directed by: Junaid Syed
Post Production: Arafat Mazhar
Audio Download: http://bit.ly/183aJAV and http://bit.ly/1io3LLl


Shuja Haider ft Gumby - Baanwerey

Artist: Shuja Haider ft. Gumby
Song: Baanwerey
Produced by Shuja Haider
Directed by Farhan Shahzad
Dop : Asif khan
Mix and Master by Kashif Aijaz
Recorded at LJP studios, Speed of sound
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Moral Cubes - Woh Din They Meray

Moral Cubes is a Pakistani Electronic/Rock Project, Formerly known as "Nation Theory" which was founded by Osama Qureshi in 2012.

The founding of Moral Cubes began when Osama Qureshi improvised his idea of forming a Indie Rock band, he then decided to bring his friend Hussain Hanif to his formation "Nation Theory" as the lead guitarist and meanwhile Osama and Hussain started to record music which resulted their First "Extended Play" Project Aghaz (EP) but later they disbanded.

Osama Qureshi began his solo career once again in 2013 by spending midnight hours on composing and producing his new music, Osama Qureshi was managed to produce his 10 track based Mixtape in very limited resources, he named it as History By Days (Mixtape) and released it's singles include" Parents & Children, Oyasuminasai, The Folk Night Beat Test, Déjà vu Origin and Animosity.
In October 2013, Osama came up with reformation of his band (Nation Theory) but this time he decided to not bring any other member so early, so he can figure out things easily without any commitment and explore other sides of music by his own ideas.

Osama Qureshi reformed Nation Theory as his Electronic/Rock project with a new name "Moral Cubes" and produced new songs for his "Underground Demo Sessions" a session of subsequent releases. Moral Cubes demonstrate it's rare and unique compositions within Pakistan, but unfortunately didn't get so much attention at that time, but Moral Cubes explored many other styles in music and experimented different kind of fusions in the form of Avant -- Garde Music.

Moral Cubes influenced by: Nince Inch Nails, ColdPlay, Linkin Park, Depeche Mode, Rage Against Machine, Gong, Porcupine Tree and Radiohead. Stylistic origins of Moral Cubes includes various genres such as Alternative, Space Rock, Art Rock, Experimental and mostly electronic to create any desirable sound.

Concept behind the name (Moral Cubes) "Moral" a lesson that can be derived from a story or experience. "Cubes" a block of something with six sides. Every human being have more then something in their mindsets, like memories, ideas, sorrows, happiness, aggression and fear, these are the six sides of feelings it can be describe into the word cubes, Moral, is a message conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story or event, a lesson could be Kindness, humanity, love, spirituality, peace and Cubes mentioned as the the sets of feelings, to expand music in more ideological and meaningful ways.

Cartel 7 - Marmalade

CARTEL 7 is a London based band and has 3 members, Adonis Husser on Guitar and Vocals, Estrado Sporanzi, Bass and vocals and David Fence on Drums. Adonis is the founder of the band and has spent a lot of time in Pakistan. CARTEL 7 have been influenced and play primarily in the Rock/Alternative/Grunge Genre. They have a passion for good music and a strong affinity of writing catchy and melodic tunes. They are influenced by many bands of the 80′s and 90′s and that sound is ever present in their music. CARTEL 7 formed in Jan 2013 and recently released their debut album "Harmony in Noise" in October 2013. They are planning to commence some gigging in U.K since it is time to play for the public. Anonymity has been a great choice and for reasons that cannot be explained, as long as it remains, it somehow feels right. Having said that, expect some gigs in the future and some live music from the Album and new songs.

Band: Cartel 7
Song: Marmalade
Composition/Lyrics/Vocals/Guitars: Adonis Husser
Drums/Bass: Salman Albert
Keyboards: Farhan Albert
Music arrangement: CARTEL 7 and Salman Albert
Video directed by: CARTEL 7
Audio Production: Albert Studios
3rd release from "Albert Studios Compilation Album 1″

Reincarnated - Wreckage

Band: Reincarnated
Song: Wreckage

First Official video "Wreckage" - Reincarnated We would like to thank all the crew and the production team who have helped and supported us in the making of this video, All of your efforts are highly appreciated. We couldn't have done it without you

Bell - Pariyaan (Music Video)

Artist: Bell
Song: Pariyan
Vocals/Harmonies -- Shahab Hussain
Guitars/Sound Design -- Zeeshan Lalani
Rhythms -- Abid Haider

A dream it was that turned into a couplet and then an entire song... Pariyan is about the teensy weensy bits of moments and memories that bring joy to our busy and tedious lives. It also depicts the beautiful Lake Saif-ul-Muluk located up north.


Pariyan utarti hain jahan aasmano se wahan
Pariyan utarti hain jahan aasmano se wahan
Chandni baat kerti hai paaniyo pe lehro se
Sitaray damaktay hain jahan aasmano pe wahan
Sitaray damaktay hain jahan aasmano pe wahan
Baadlon pe phaylay hain wahan jaise qadmon ke nishaan
Chandni baat kerti hai paaniyo pe lehro se
Paharon ki chatton pe rakha hai ye aasmaan
Aasmaan ke peechay hai taaron ka jahan
Baadlon ke peechay
Waadiyon ko seenchay
Aasmaan ko kheenchay koi rehta hai wahaan
Pariyaan, Pariyaan, Pariyaaaaaaan
Pariyan utarti hain jahan aasmano se wahan
Chandni baat kerti hai paaniyo pe lehro se

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