Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Music Business Application designed: Website

We have designed a website for our company using the PHP. The Web site carries links to the various clothing we provide for customers. We have also developed an ‘add to cart’ link to make ordering easier for our customers.
We provide faster response to comfort our customers better than our competitors. We are also planning to design a tool into our website which helps to upload the customers’ pictures to our website.

 Our photo upload tool will also amazingly unique as it allows customers to upload their pictures and will be able see how the particular apparel looks at them. The tool also helps the customers to crop the photo which they want to test. According to that the customer can crop the photo as the tool takes a particular image size and the files such as JPEG, bmp etc, for the trail.

Besides we have prepared a special column for our loyal customers to upload their pictures in our designer clothes. The application will give more interaction and fun experience to the customers while they shopping with us and besides, it can help give more tips and fashion styling to the new visitors in the website regarding our clothes.

Music Challenges

As an E-business company our main challenges would be to differentiate ourselves away from the-pack in the industry.
Establishing a value chain model that will be effective to critically examine how to perform value adding activities at each stage and how our business processes might be improved.
Making our information system to be used to improve relationships with customers.
Internet “transforms” entire industries, forcing firms to change how they do business. This will become a compelling factor for our company challenging to change as the industry changes.
Web based business industry results in increased competitions, raises bargaining powers of customers and suppliers; fear of profits being dampened.

Monday, February 24, 2014


#KholoBC is a youth initiative against state censorship in Pakistan. Join viral comedian Ali Gul Pir and badass wordsmith Adil Omar in their quest to make some noise, with the help of Talal Qureshi behind the boards and InCahoots Films' Aisha Linnea and Shahbaz Shigri behind the camera. This is brought to you by #PakistanForAll and everybody who believes in their right to a free and open internet.

Produced by Talal Qureshi; Mastered by Rudoh
Directed and Shot by Shahbaz Shigri & Aisha Linnea
Production Crew: Waqas and Awais Gill
Presented by InCahoots Films and Pakistan For All

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zau the band - Lorri

Band: Zau the band
Song: Lorri
Music: Farhan Albert
Composition: Zau the band/Farhan Albert
Guitars/Bass: Salman Albert
Drums/keyboards: Farhan Albert
Video director: Asad Butt
Post: Creative Mindset
Make up & styling: Saqib Ali Jaffery
Lead role (father): Masood Akhtar
Lead role (Son, child): Amaan Farhan
Lead role (Son, grown up): Saad Arshad
Video production: Creative Village
Audio production: Albert Studios
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Nabeel Shaukat Ali - OST Qudrat

This is the original sound track of drama serial “Qudrat” on Ary Digital sung by the winner of SurKshetra and the singer of hit osts of darmiyan, shukk, zindagi tere bina, do qadam door thay etc. “Nabeel Shaukat” and composed by Waqar Ali.

Artist: Nabeel Shaukat Ali
Song: Qudrat
OST: Qudrat
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Amanat Ali Ft. Maria Meer - Naina Lagay

Amanat Ali’s new song “Naina Lagay” featuring with the rejected contestant of Pakistan Idol, Maria Meer is here.

Watch below the full music video of the song “Naina Lagay”:
Amanat Ali ft. Maria Meer
Song: Naina Lagay
Music: Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi
Mix n Master: Afzal Hussain
Dir: Jovi
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Zoraiz Riaz - Dil Ko Tum Ne (Albert Studios Compilation Album 1)

Here is the full official video of Albert Studio’s 7th release from “Albert Studios Compilation Album 1
Zoraiz Riaz Syed belongs to the city of Lahore. He started music when he was too young but with the passage of time his musical talent got polished and matured, soon he thoughtfully jumped into composing music and writing lyrics himself along with singing.
Zoraiz in collaboration with Shiraz Uppal, launched his first single named Janay Anjanay featuring MAHNOOR KHAN in the video, from BOL THE MOVIE .
His voice and music skills have inspired a lot of serious music listeners. Zoraiz is inspired by the artists like John Mayer, Daughtry and Nickleback. He is planning to record an album and release it with an international record label and as far as his studies are concerned, his aim is to do PhD in Economics.
Artist: Zoraiz Riaz
Song: Dil ko tum ne
Music: Farhan Albert
Composition/Lyrics: Zoraiz Riaz
Guitars/Bass: Salman Albert
Drums/Keyboards: Farhan Albert
Director: Zoraiz Riaz
D.O.P: Zoraiz Riaz/Salman Riaz
Lead role male: Murtaza Ali
Lead role female: Sheher Bano
Post: ZRS Productions
Video production: Creative Village
Audio Production: Albert Studios

Music Business Application designed: Website

We have designed a website for our company using the PHP. The Web site carries links to the various clothing we provide for customers. We h...